Garage Remote Holder

Not as cute and cuddly as a companion cube, but far more practical. That is, if you happen to have a Glidermatic GTS garage door opener…

AND you mounted one of the remotes to the wall AND you have managed to break it AND if you have a 3D printer. Does this sound like you? Then we have one thing in common and I hope this helps.

  • Spacing on mounting holes is same original bracket.
  • Step on one side of bracket helps the remote face be flush to wall (as it is not symmetrical).

When I was deciding whether or not to get a 3D printer, a had a list of small jobs around the house that I was convinced that I couldn’t fix any other way than to buy a 3D printer. I keep telling my wife that this fix only costs $0.30, I hope she never decides to investigate the original capital cost…


Files and details are available at

Also, checkout the really cool companion cube at

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Adrian is a serial CTO, hobbyist game developer, 3D printing enthusiast and all around maker.