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Joining the OPA to fight for belters rights? Searching for missing persons on the Scapuli? Whatever your reason for crossing the black to Ceres, make sure you’ve got your New Yen.

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Necessity is the mother of invention; and I wouldn’t have invented this if my son didn’t feel it was necessary to break the box these came in.

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I’ve been looking for a laser cutter for years, I couldn’t find a way to justify it the way I did my 3D printer, but I wanted it just the same.

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Once you get a 3D printer, the first thing you want to do is to start designing. And since the last thing you built was a 3D printer, you start designing for it.

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I’ve had this router for years and it only gets occasional use but the last time I went to use it the base broke! Having just dropped a bundle on a 3D printer, I didn’t feel like replacing a router.

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For years I’ve had several vacuum tubes that I scavenged from my Grandfather’s basement. However, they were pretty unsteady when trying to stand them up in a display case.

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The Printrbot heated bed doesn’t have a decent cable management system so here’s a cable chain that feeds lines from under the printrbot to the heated bed.

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Last year after reading the fabulous Lean Startup by Eric Reis, I started to adopt concepts of lean and batch size to my home improvement projects. I realize by saying that, I’ve established myself as an uber-geek in at least three categories.